1000D Cordura®

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Genuine Cordura® manufactured by an authorised mill in Germany.

DWR face & PU back coating.

Parameter Test Standard Unit Nominal Value
Thread Count Warp DIN EN 1049-2 threads/cm 13,00 ± 1,00
Thread Count Weft DIN EN 1049-2 threads/cm 12,00 ± 1,00
Weight DIN EN 12127 g/m² 360,00 ± 25,00
Width DIN EN 1773 cm ≥ 147,00
Breaking Force Warp DIN EN ISO 13934-1 N/5cm ≥ 3000,00
Breaking Force Weft
DIN EN ISO 13934-1 N/5cm ≥ 2800,00
Elongation at break Warp DIN EN ISO 13934-1 % ≥ 25,00
Elongation at break Weft
DIN EN ISO 13934-1 % ≥ 25,00
Tear Propagation Force Warp
DIN EN ISO 13937-2 N ≥ 170,00
Tear Propagation Force Weft DIN EN ISO 13937-2 N ≥ 185,00
DIN EN ISO 12947-2 Cycles/2nd yarn break ≥ 100000,00
Water Column DIN EN ISO 811 mm ≥ 1500,00

"Folded" fabric is cut to length, folded lengthways then widthways. "Rolled" fabric is rolled onto a cardboard tube.

We have changed the way we deal with folded and rolled orders.

Now you may choose to have your fabric sent rolled or folded at the shipping stage during checkout. To do this regardless of the length ordered select "Rolled Courier" or "Standard + Rolled Courier"

We have also imposed limits onto the amount of fabric you can order folded. From now on any fabric length of 4 metres or larger will have to be sent on a roll.

To ensure your desired length, kindly specify it in the "Order Instructions" section on the cart page. We always strive to send the continuous length ordered however we cannot guarantee exact lengths due to our small business size.


"Continuous Cut: #5 YKK Standard Zipper = 5m, VX42 = 2m, 25mm Polyester Webbing = 10m"

We'll email you if we can't fulfill your continuous cut request. You can choose a full order refund or partial refund for the affected product. "

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